Doreen Angarano Founder


Doreen Angarano is the Founder and Director of Reflections I, II and Reflections West in Southern California. She is an established teacher and choreographer and has gained recognition over a course of 28 successful years. Reflections was established by Doreen in 1982 and has earned its reputation of excellence in performance as is evident by Reflection's hundreds of awards over the past 28 years.

Doreen's philosophy has been to give a professional touch to her amateur dancers. Students explore new territory in movement and mental development, for Doreen insists on each student performing at their personal best. A motivator, with endless energy and warmth, she continues to infuse students with confidence and poise through dance. Her success in teaching dance is both a result of her outstanding training at Dance Educators of America and her ability to clearly convey her love of dance to her students. Her studies continue so she is always able to bring the latest creations and ideas to her studios.

After moving to California, Doreen decided to expand and low and behold, Reflections in Dance West was unveiled September of 2002 in Woodland Hills, California. The grand opening took place with great success. In addition to continuously directing her New York schools, Doreen is teaching and choreographing in her school in California. She has begun pursuing children's management on both coasts. She is affiliated with several influential talent agencies in both California and New York enabling her to bring her students to a professional dimension in commercials, television, dance and theater. Her involvement in the arts widens as she judges dance competitions throughout the United States.

Doreen's work has been recognized by dozens of distinguished national dance organizations through the United States. She is a perfectionist who consistently brings out the best in her students. Her love for her work and the children continuously keep her focused to find the best things possible for them.